Julian Marcus

Somatic Educator & Coach

“With coaching and learning grounded in the body we notice and trust what is alive and follow where that takes us…”

Connecting Purpose & Passion

People often tell me I work with “an infectious passion and capacity for human relating”. My why is the deep satisfaction I receive through witnessing people learn to trust their own power and capacities to heal, grown and transform challenges into opportunities for personal evolution.

For the past 20 years and for the rest of my lifie I will be a student to bodywork, somatics and sexology.

These crosspolinating threads inform and inspire my path as a coach, somatic / bodywork educator and practitioner mentor.

At my core I want to create win win harmony with others wherever possible be it in work, community or pesonal relationships.

Somatic Educator + Coach

In my work as a coach and educator I am here to help others find body-felt clarity in life and intimacy, find embodied confidence in choice making and relating.

To me learning to evolve as human beings is largely about fostering receptivity and attunement. Creating awareness between what we feel and what we really want to experience in life. This often serves to take us from victim to circumstances into a co-creator of our present and future experience.

Growing our capacity to find our “way” in the mystery of life can be a rich and vivid process of returning to the body as home and teacher.

Our physiology cannot lie and when listened to on a cellular level can lead us back to a kind of clarity many seek outside and sadly cannot ever find. Our human biology is a “biology of wholeness” from the first cells that form to the trillions of cells that make up the adult human being. We are never not whole, yet our modern life experience tells us we are. This work can support you to feel whole again and enable all your inner parts a voice and practice in speaking their unique feelings, needs and offerings. Listening to this symphony without overwhelm is a practice and the gift a sense of deep integration.

In addressing our health and happiness, it has been my 20+ experience and mission as a practitioner to honour our inner world felt senses to bring into balance the continuum of mind-body with fluency and granulation of language and awareness.  For too long perhaps dominant western culture has favoured a top down approach to living favouring doing over being. My work supports your being first and doing from being as a the natural flow and consequence of this deep acceptance and self care.

Qi gong in sunlight

Lucid Learning Community

All my life I have been extremely fortunate to have been graced by the constant presence of amazing teachers. For the past two decades I have particularly enjoyed working with the public while also providing continuing practitioner development, workshops and trainings for bodyworkers and somatic coaches.


Over the past 6 years I have hosted and taught with many of the leading bodyworkers and somatic educators from all over the globe.

Lucid Learning Community is a platform for integrative and blended learning both online and in person.

Join us on Facebook and Telegram to explore the following themes and more:

Radical Acceptance – basis for all  human change

Somatic Sovereignty – knowing when we really can choose 

Empowered Choice – enjoying the consequences of agency 

Personal Purpose – following the whispers or calls of life itself



Qi gong in sunlight

It is my joy to create the optimal body-based learning possibilities with people to trust, open to new ways of being and grow into themselves with embodied self awareness. 

A name I have given for this kind of work is embodiwork. The practice of being and becoming supported by our beautiful biology of wholeness; self assembling, self organising, self healing and self aware fluid tissue fascial matrix. In reality we are not made up parts or layers, we are a continuous responsive intelligent web of liquid crystalline changing form and function in service of life, movement and relating. Our physiology relates constantly with gravity, inner and outer perceptions and the relative grace with which we manage these in connection others dictates the quality of our experience of life. Learning to relate therefore is our individual and collective challenge or opportunity as human beings. 


I invite you in my sessions to tune into what you want beneath you default day to day routine. Body focusing can support this, helping identify what deeply matters to you, your learning edges, challenges and vision for life, intimacy and wellbeing.


Lead by this somatic trust in your innate intelligence we build a plan incorporating practices of breathing, bodywork and embodied relating to further facilitate growth, integration and positive life changes.


Working this way helps trusting your power to choose from a place of clear authentic knowing.  The session goals and plans unfurl taking shape in congruency with what will best suit your needs and desires for you life.

Get in touch to take your goals, values and challenges and turn them into a coaching plan aligned to your purpose and deepest callings.

I work with great respect for the self organising intelligence of your body-being. Putting this first and foremost as the guide, we co-create learning objectives and clear agreements for coaching or mentoring session structures. So if you show up as a practitioner or coaching client it is ultimately supporting agency and clarity with each step, breath and choice back towards the experience of human wholeness.


The first step is to message me or book a free introduction call to discuss your wants and make sure we are on the same page and the chemistry is right…

Get in touch to take your goals, values and challenges and turn them into a coaching plan aligned to your purpose and body’s knowing.

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